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Aims & Objectives

The specific objectives of the EVIVA project are:

  1. To investigate:
    • the efficiency of VLEs and how they support different learning activities
    • how learners from diverse backgrounds learn by using VLEs
    • the user experience and the VLEs’ ability to simulate real-life conditions
    • the VLEs’ ability to support the acquisition of digital competence;
  2. To develop innovative evaluation methods to investigate the points above, by combining traditional methods of interpreter assessment with research methods such as introspection, corpus analysis and visual analytics;
  3. To use the results of 1 and 2 to formulate design recommendations and guidelines for VLEs in interpreting.

EVIVA seeks to improve the education of interpreters and their clients. Given the role of ICT in professional interpreting, the evaluation of relevant VLEs is a key step towards achieving this aim. By evaluating educational solutions that reflect real-life situations, EVIVA contributes to bringing together the worlds of work and education. Its outcomes will inform VLE design and will thus be highly transferable to other fields of education.