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Academic Publications

  • Braun, S., Slater, C. & Botfield, N. (forthcoming, 2015) “Evaluating the pedagogical affordances of a bespoke 3D virtual learning environment for training interpreters and their clients”. In S. Ehrlich & J. Napier (eds) Interpreter Education in the Digital Age: Innovation, Access, and Change. Special volume of the Interpreter Education Series. Washington, D.C.: Gallaudet University Press.
  • Kritsis, K. & Floros, G. (forthcoming, 2015) “Εικονικά Περιβάλλονηα Εκπαίδεσζης Διερμηνέων: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality” [Virtual Learning Environments for Interpreter Training: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality], ζηο/in Loupaki, E. & Kourdis, V. (eds) Πηστές ηης Ελληνόθωνης Μεηαθραζεολογίας – Αθιερωμαηικός Τόμος προς ηιμή Τ. Νενοπούλοσ/Facets of Greek Translation Studies – Festschrift for T. Nenopoulou. Thessaloniki.
  • Braun, S. & Slater, C. (2014) “Populating a 3D virtual learning environment for interpreting students with bilingual dialogues to support situated learning in an institutional context”. The Interpreter and Translator Trainer 8(2). Special issue: “Dialogue interpreting in practice: Filling the gap between empirical research and interpreters‟ training”.
  • Kajzer-Wietrzny, M. & Tymczyńska, M. (2014) “Integrating technology into interpreter training courses: A blended learning approach”. InTRAlinea [http://www.intralinea.org/specials/article/2101]
  • Kohn, K. (2014) “Role Plays in Videoconferencing and Virtual Reality”. European project – Interviews, CHECK.point eLearning, Special for ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2014 [http://www.checkpoint-elearning.com/article/14007.html]
  • Kritsis, K. & Floros, G. (2014) “Εικονικά περιβάλλονηα εκπαίδεσζης διερμηνέων: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality” [“Virtual learning environments for training interpreters: IVY – Interpreting in Virtual Reality”]. Proceedings of the 4th Meeting on Greek Translation Studies. Thessaloniki (Accepted for publication).
  • Ritsos, P.D., Mearman J.W., Vande Moere, A. and Roberts, J.C. (2014) “Sewn with Ariadne‟s Thread – Visualizations for Wearable & Ubiquitous Computing”. In Proceedings of the Death of the Desktop Workshop, IEEE Conference on Visualization (VIS 2014), Paris, Nov. 2014.
  • Ritsos, P.D. & Roberts, J.C. (2014) “Towards more Visual Analytics in Learning Analytics”. In Proceedings of the Fifth EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA), Eurographics Association, Swansea, UK, 9-10 Jun. 2014, pp. 61-65 doi: 10.2312/eurova.20141147.
  • Braun, S., Slater, C., Gittins, R., Ritsos, P.D. & Roberts, J.C. (2013) “Interpreting in Virtual Reality: designing and developing a 3D virtual world to prepare interpreters and their clients for professional practice”. In D. Kiraly, S. Hansen-Schirra & K. Maksymski (eds.) New Prospects and Perspectives for Educating Language Mediators, Gunter Narr Verlag, pp.93-120.
  • Ritsos, P.D., Gittins, R., Braun, S., Slater, C. and Roberts, J.C. (2013) “Training Interpreters Using Virtual Worlds”. LNCS Transactions on Computational Science XVIII, Vol. 7848, pp.21-40. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-38803-3_2
  • Ritsos, P.D., Gittins, R., Roberts, J.C., Braun, S. & Slater, C. (2012) “Using Virtual Reality for Interpreter-mediated Communication and Training”. Proceedings of the Cyberworlds 2012 International Conference, Darmstadt, 25-27/09/2012, 191-198 doi: 10.1109/CW.2012.34 [URL] [BIBTEX].
  • Braun, S. & Kohn, K. (2012) “Towards a pedagogic corpus approach to business and community interpreter training”. In B. Ahrens, M. Albl-Mikasa & C. Sasse (eds) Dolmetschqualität in Praxis, Lehre und Forschung. Festschrift für Sylvia Kalina. Tübingen: Narr, 185-204.
  • Chmiel, A., Tymczyńska, M., Braun, S. & Slater, C. (2012) “Kształcenie kooperatywne i sytuacyjne metodą projektów: zastosowanie wirtualnego środowiska IVY w szkoleniu tłumaczy ustnych” [“Cooperative learning and situated project-based learning: Integrating the IVY virtual environment in interpreter training”]. In P. Janikowski (ed.) Tłumaczenie Ustne – Teoria, Praktyka, Dydaktyka [Interpreting — theory, practice, didactics], nr 2: Stare problemy, nowe metody [Old problems, new methods]. Częstochowa: Wydawnictwo WSL, 213-240.
  • Ritsos, P.D., Gittins, R., Roberts, J.C., Braun, S. & Slater, C. “Training Interpreters Using Virtual Worlds” LNCS Transactions on Computational Science XVIII, Vol. 7848, Springer, May 2013  – [URL] [BIBTEX].

Articles in professional magazines

  • Botfield, N. & Slater, C. (2013) “Virtual Interpreting” The Linguist 52/2, 14-15 [URL].
  • Hoffstaedter, P. (2012) “IVY – Virtual Training for Interpreters” Steinbeis TransferMagazine, 03/2012, 14-15 (German print version; German and English online versions).